Excavator Hitch Quick Coupler for 5 to 9 tons Excavator Attachments
Excavator Hitch Quick Coupler for 5 to 9 tons Excavator Attachments
Excavator Hitch Quick Coupler for 5 to 9 tons Excavator Attachments

Excavator Hitch Quick Coupler for 5 to 9 tons Excavator Attachments

Excavator Parts-Excavator Attachment-Quick Coupler
  • Product Name:Quick Coupler
  • Application Excavator:5-9 Tons
  • Part Number:HL60K
  • Total Length:565mm
  • Total height:335mm
  • Weight:90KG
  • Pin to Pin Distance:235-265mm
  • Cylinder Expansion Distance:230-320mm
  • Distance between upper and lower pin:220mm
  • Pin:45mm


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Product Parameter
Item/ ModelHL60KHL80KHL150KHL200KHL300KHL400KHL500K
Total length(mm)5656007801000107010801120
Total height(mm)335345435545600610640
Pin to pin distance(mm)235-265285-330390-430455-500500-520550-590590
Cylinder expansion distance(mm)230-320250-330340-430420-520450-600510-630510-630
Distance between upper and lower pins(mm)220220275350380390390
Operation pressure(Mpa)40-38040-38040-38040-38040-38040-38040-380
Suitable excavator(T)5-99-1111-1818-2424-3636-4040-48
ApplicationIt is suitable for quickly installing and switching the front end of the excavator (bucket, soil reliever, crushing hammer, hydraulic shear,etc.) on the excavator, expanding the use range of the excavator, reducing the front end installation time and improving the efficiency. Widely used in various types of excavator equipment.
Component1.hydraulic control system
 2.hydraulic power system
 3.Riveting welding structure
Product Maintenance1. parts replacement: the manufacturer’s original parts should be used to avoid damage to the connector
 2.Oil seal replacement: during the connector USES oil cylinder oil seal and the electromagnetic valve core must every half a year or 1000 hours (first to prevail) replacement time, manufacturers recommend oil seal replaced by manufacturer professional engineer as far as possible, but the factory will charge a maintenance fee, the agent and the user can also be done on their own.
 3.The use of bolt, nut and maintenance operator work after 1 hour, for the first time in the connector must carefully check whether the parts of bolt, spring is loose, check the wiring for signs of wear and tear. Check every 8 hours and tighten if loose. At the same time, the operator is required to check the bolt, circlip and wire as a regular inspection item, check on time whether there is loosening according to the need to re-socket, the whole process to butter every 4 hours.
 4. Method of use: in order to efficiently take advantage of the connector, must be appropriate to pressure, pressure is too small, is when the connection object has been broken or crack starting immediately stop use; Do not use connectors to pry rocks; It is strictly prohibited to use the connector for hoisting. Do not use the mode of dropping the connector; Do not change the data parameters before delivery to avoid personal injury. Safety pins must be used during use.


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Q1. How many days for the delivery time?

It is about 3-7 working days after the order confirmation.

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If you need the custom service time will be longer because of the production.

Q2. What types of construction machinery accessories does your company provide?

We provide all kinds of construction machinery parts, including hydraulic parts, engine parts, seals, electrical parts, chassis parts, to meet your various needs.

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We accept a variety of payment methods, including credit cards, bank transfers and online payment platforms, to facilitate your order payment.

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We have professional ODM/OEM Service to cater your various needs. Please provide the data,name plate,part number to make sure we make the correct product you need.

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If the accessories have quality problems, please contact us as soon as possible after receiving the goods, and we will provide you with guidance on returning and exchanging the goods.