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Hydraulic Breaker Assy

The Hydraulic Breaker Assy by Huilian is a pivotal component in construction and demolition operations, adept at breaking down tough materials like concrete and rock. It comprises various types tailored to specific tasks, including moil and blunt types. Crafted from robust materials, it withstands high pressure and offers durability. Its hydraulic mechanism delivers powerful and precise blows for efficient material disintegration. With ergonomic design features, it ensures ease of operation and accurate positioning on the job site, enhancing productivity. The Hydraulic Breaker Assy by Huilian embodies reliability, versatility, and performance, essential for challenging industrial applications.


The chisel of Huilian breaker is a vital tool in construction and demolition, designed for breaking hard materials like concrete and rock. It comes in two primary types: moil for penetrating surfaces, and blunt for breaking larger chunks. Crafted from hardened steel, it withstands immense pressure and offers durability. Its ergonomic design ensures precise positioning for optimal performance on-site, making it an indispensable asset for heavy-duty tasks.

Breaker Seal Kit

The Breaker Seal Kit by Huilian Breaker is an essential component designed to maintain optimal functionality and extend the lifespan of hydraulic breakers. These kits encompass various seals, including piston seals, rod seals, and buffer seals, crucial for preventing leakage and ensuring efficient performance. Engineered with high-quality materials, they exhibit durability and resilience against harsh operating conditions. Huilian Breaker’s seal kits offer a cost-effective solution for maintaining hydraulic breakers, enhancing their reliability and minimizing downtime.


The Bushing of Huilian Breaker is a crucial component facilitating smooth operation in construction and demolition tasks. Serving as a connector between moving parts, it reduces friction and wear, ensuring longevity and efficiency. Available in various types to suit different breaker models, it provides versatility in application. Crafted from high-quality materials, it withstands heavy loads and harsh environments, enhancing durability. Its precision engineering guarantees seamless integration within the breaker assembly, promoting reliable performance. The Bushing of Huilian Breaker epitomizes resilience, functionality, and precision, indispensable for optimal functioning in demanding work environments.


The Cylinder of Huilian Breaker serves as a vital component in construction and demolition machinery, facilitating powerful hydraulic action. It functions by converting hydraulic pressure into linear force, driving the breaker’s striking mechanism. Available in various types tailored to specific breaker models, it ensures compatibility and optimal performance. Crafted from durable materials, it withstands intense pressure and repetitive operation, guaranteeing longevity. Its precision engineering enables efficient power transmission, maximizing impact energy for effective material disintegration. With robust construction and reliable sealing, the Cylinder of Huilian Breaker delivers consistent performance in challenging work environments, embodying durability, power, and reliability.

Breaker Piston

The Breaker Piston of Huilian Breaker plays a pivotal role in construction and demolition, converting hydraulic energy into powerful mechanical force. It functions by driving the chisel to disintegrate hard materials like concrete and rock. Available in various types to suit different breaker models, it ensures versatility and compatibility. Crafted from high-strength materials, it withstands extreme pressure and repetitive impact, guaranteeing durability and reliability. Its precision engineering ensures efficient energy transfer, maximizing breaking efficiency. With its robust design and precise manufacturing, the Breaker Piston of Huilian Breaker delivers consistent performance in demanding environments, epitomizing power, resilience, and effectiveness.

Side Bolt/Through Bolt

The Side Bolt/Through Bolt in Huilian Breaker serves crucial functions in anchoring and securing components. These bolts, available in various types, facilitate robust fastening mechanisms. Designed to endure high stress and pressure, they ensure structural integrity and safety. Their versatility accommodates diverse applications across industries. With precision engineering, they offer reliable performance even in demanding environments. Whether reinforcing heavy machinery or constructing infrastructure, these bolts provide steadfast support. Their corrosion-resistant materials enhance longevity, reducing maintenance needs. In summary, the Side Bolt/Through Bolt epitomizes durability, versatility, and reliability, embodying the quality standards of Huilian Breaker.


The Diaphragm in Huilian Breaker plays a pivotal role in regulating hydraulic pressure, ensuring optimal performance. Available in various types tailored to specific models, these diaphragms facilitate precise control over hydraulic systems. Crafted from high-grade materials, they withstand intense pressure and wear, enhancing durability and longevity. Their seamless integration ensures efficient energy transfer, minimizing loss and maximizing output. From heavy-duty industrial applications to intricate construction projects, these diaphragms deliver consistent performance under diverse conditions. With Huilian Breaker’s commitment to quality and innovation, their diaphragms exemplify reliability, durability, and precision engineering, meeting the demands of modern industries.

Rod Pin & Stop Pin

The Rod Pin & Stop Pin in Huilian Breaker play essential roles in securing the piston and preventing overextension. Available in various types tailored to specific models, they ensure precise alignment and operational safety. Crafted from durable materials, these pins withstand high stress and wear, ensuring longevity and reliability. Their seamless integration guarantees smooth piston movement, optimizing performance. From heavy-duty excavation to demolition tasks, these pins deliver robust support, reflecting Huilian Breaker’s commitment to quality and operational excellence.

Rubber Cushion Absorber & Damper

The Rubber Cushion Absorber & Damper in Huilian Breaker serve vital functions in reducing vibration and shock absorption during operation. Available in various types, they are tailored to specific models, ensuring precise fit and performance. Crafted from high-quality rubber compounds, these cushions effectively dampen vibrations, enhancing operator comfort and equipment longevity. Their robust construction withstands heavy usage, offering reliable performance even in demanding conditions. With Huilian Breaker’s dedication to quality, these dampers exemplify durability, efficiency, and operational excellence, ensuring smooth and stable breaker operation.

Breaker Valve

The Valve by Huilian Breaker serves as a pivotal component in hydraulic breaker systems, regulating the flow and direction of hydraulic fluid to control the breaker’s operation. Available in various types such as relief valves, control valves, and check valves, they cater to diverse operational requirements. Engineered with precision and durability in mind, Huilian Breaker’s valves ensure smooth and efficient performance while withstanding high pressures and demanding working environments. They offer reliability, longevity, and seamless integration within hydraulic systems, enhancing overall productivity.



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At HUILIAN MACHINE, our mission is to be the preferred choice for construction and excavation equipment parts, offering superior products that enhance the efficiency, reliability, and performance of heavy machinery.

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Q1. How many days for the delivery time?

It is about 3-7 working days after the order confirmation.

Also it depends on the quantity and product you want we have various logistic line to gurantee the shipping time.


If you need the custom service time will be longer because of the production.

Q2. What types of construction machinery accessories does your company provide?

We provide all kinds of construction machinery parts, including hydraulic parts, engine parts, seals, electrical parts, chassis parts, to meet your various needs.

Q3. How to determine the price of accessories?

The price of accessories is determined according to factors such as model, specification and quantity. You can get a quotation through the price inquiry on the website or contact our sales team.

Q4. How do I pay for my order?

We accept a variety of payment methods, including credit cards, bank transfers and online payment platforms, to facilitate your order payment.

Q5. Can special accessories be customized?

We have professional ODM/OEM Service to cater your various needs. Please provide the data,name plate,part number to make sure we make the correct product you need.

Q6. How do I handle returns and exchanges of accessories?

If the accessories have quality problems, please contact us as soon as possible after receiving the goods, and we will provide you with guidance on returning and exchanging the goods.